Official visit of Mr CY Leung to CentraleSupélec


As  a  part  of  a  visit  to  France  on  7 - 9  June  2016 on  the theme  of  innovation  and  technology,  Mr. CY  Leung,  Chief  Executive  of Hong  Kong,  has visited  CentraleSupélec,  Institute of  science  and technology  on  its  campus  of  Gif -sur-Yvette (South  of Paris).

Mr.  Leung  chose  to  visit  CentraleSupélec,  founding  member  of  the  University Paris -Saclay, because of the strong links the Institute developps with China for decades (Ecole Centrale Beijing, laboratories, academic partnerships, mobility for students and Professors) and more specifically with Hong Kong.

The  visit  takes  part  of  the  academic  collaboration  started  in  2010  and strengthend  in  March  2016  with  the  signature  of  an  agreement  of  academic cooperation  for dual degree  in  engineering  with  Hong  Kong  University  of Science and Technology (HKUST).

Mr. Leung  has been accompanied by  the Secretary  for  Transport  and  Housing, Prof  Anthony  Cheung, and  the Secretary  for  Innovation  and  Technology, Mr Nicholas Yang, as well as representatives of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (locate in brussels) and 19 Hong Kong students in engineering.

Mr.   Leung has been  welcomed by  Mr.  Hervé Biausser, President of CentraleSupélec, and  Mr.  Gilles Bloch, President  of  the University  Paris-Saclay.

As  a part of the  visit,  the  delegation  will  be  presented  the  research  activity  of CentraleSupélec  by  Pr.  Silviu  Niculescu,  Director  of  the  Signals  and  Systems Laboratory (S2S, a mixt unity of research CNRS - Université Paris Sud ) and by Pr. Nikos Paragios, Director of the Digital Vision Center (CVN), deeply involved in Hong Kong.

The delegation will also assist a Drone Project demo by engineer students and finally   visit   the   Synchrotron  SOLEIL (CEA,   CNRS) ,   a   multi-disciplinary instrument and research laboratory located in Saclay.

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